Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Kinetic Color Cast 4.86-Quart Casserole with Grill Pan Lid

I finally got around to using this pan and I really like it. As a casserole pan it is very practical and functional for a family my size. Last night I opted to make my macaroni pie (think baked mac and cheese) as it is really quick. I boiled the noodles in the pan and once they were drained I was able to mix in all the other ingredients and get it straight into the oven. I LOVE the fact that I can put this in the oven. It was easy to clean even after all the cheesy goodness that had been baked on.

The lid doubles as a grill pan and for our family of 9, it is a bit too small to be practical for meals with a big meat focus, like steak and potatoes. It is far more practical for dishes where smaller amounts of meat are being used, like a grilled chicken salad etc. Dh and I used it for an intimate steak dinner for 2 and it worked wonderfully. Since I don't have a grill this is a nice little addition to my kitchen and I am really excited to try it for chicken/pork fried rice.

All in all I really like this pan and would recommend it. Like all cast iron cookware it does get super hot and caution should be used. Well check out the rest of the Kinetic Color cast line at Enjoy!

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